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Racing women Devonshire Tea and viewing at the farm!

Jun 11, 2012

Devonshire Tea at the farm! Bring your coats and gumboots! Sunday July 8th, 2pm!

A chance to see how our boy is progressing and a chat with Pat and the team! 

Magnus x Lilymay is arriving home after his pre-training and about to embark on the next stage of his training regime! 

We ask all owners to get your thinking caps on as it's time to prepare to name and him.  Send your suggestions to  The more the merrier...

Some we have already received have been;

  • Patty's Harem
  • My cousin's famous
  • Lil Magnus
  • Maggie May

We will have out official Naming in late July over dinner. See the calendar on the home page for details.

We will have a full report on how he went at the pre-trainers and some pics this week. 

Don't forget to give us your feedback at anytime. If is there anything you want to know or have any suggestions for the Racing women syndicate, we want to hear from you!

Chat soon,

The Racing Women Team!

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