Product Features

MiStable opens up a world of opportunity in effectively showcasing your services. Unlike print media, or stagnant web sites, MiStable provides a flexible platform to effectively expose your business to the world.

Admin/Control Panel
Tailor the information displayed and sent to owners to suit your business.

Site Statistics
On the 1st day of every month a detailed google analytics pdf is automatically generated  for download from you admin panel. A great way to assess traffic and marketing success of your website.

Document Vault
The document vault is a secure area for you to upload confidential documents for your owners such as Vet Reports. You can set individual permissions for each document, i.e.  if you only wish the syndicate manager of a horse to have access to the document you can simply select that user to have permission.

Pre & Post Race Reports
Now after each horse race, you can provide to your owners a post race report, this new format provides detailed feedback on the horses raceday run. You can save these reports as a draft and come back and send it at another time.

Video streaming is now available for you to upload footage of trials, races, sirecam, even your open days and stable events.

Run web based competitions with exciting prizes. Gather important marketing information yo help sell your available horse and get more owners to your stable. Ask your owners if they would be interested in promoting their business through a competition on your website.

Turn your website into a revenue source by getting sponsors for your site. Simply upload their logo and then provide them with the statistics of the response they are getting.

Owners on the move can decide for themselves how to receive updates, i.e.
• nominations • weights • acceptances • scratchings • trainer reports

Race Results
The recent racing record and results of the horse is displayed on the horse's website automatically in real-time.

Nominations, Weights, Acceptances, Scratchings, Fields and Form
sent automatically to owners via our software in real-time.

RACEPIX (Exclusive to MiStable Sites)
Raceday photos will automatically filter onto this page for viewing and purchase as they are posted by professional photographers from around Australia.

Accounting System


Internal Management System
Coming Soon!


Trainers Say
An EXCLUSIVE AREA for OWNERS to login and receive reports and updates from the trainer.

Individual Horse Websites
(unique URLs)
Created by the trainer by simply typing in the horse’s name.

Rotating Feature News Panel
You can now have a Rotating Feature News Panel on the top page of your website, Stable News articles that have been flag as a feature will automatically appear in the panel. You can chose from a half page or full page panel by going to the Config page in your admin.

plus many more intelligent features.